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Jeans for Giraffes


Jeans for Giraffes is an initiative that provides a simple conservation action for groups, families, and individuals. Jeans for Giraffes takes donated jeans and ships them to a denim recycler. The recycler pays by the pound and the money raised goes to fund giraffe conservation programs in Africa. To find out more about Jeans for Giraffes, please visit www.jeansforgiraffes.org


Last of the Longnecks

Last of the Longnecks is a documentary film produced by Iniosante Studios, LLC. The film illustrates the drastic decline of giraffes across Africa and the passionate people all over the world working tirelessly to save the species. The film aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of the unique and complex challenges giraffes are facing in the wild. To watch the official trailer and find out more about Last of the Longnecks, please visit www.lastofthelongnecks.com